Quer ler o que?

domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010


Perdao pela ausencia, estava viajando e ocupada com coisas da escola. Escrevi algumas coisas, mas eu nao gostei do resultado. As palavras me fogem, e eu nao consigo descrever o que eu pretendo. Escrevi uma coisa diferente do normal, uma musica. Esta em ingles, e eu nao vou traduzir. (:

You don’t know and neither do i.
Have a cup of tea, stay for the night.

What else can we do? Maybe try to find out?
Well, I don’t know, have a cup of life.

You knocked on my door, saying you wanted to chat.
Take your feet off the table, put it here on my lap.

What do you wanna do? Watch a movie or so?
One sugar or two? A little bit of milk?

Wouldn’t it be easier if we already knew?
I agree with you, I read this movie review.

You said ‘I love you’, that’s not fair.
Please don’t stop smiling, keep touching my hair.

You cant come here saying ‘I changed my mind’
Stop, you know that tickles, you are making me smile.

With our heads this close I can hear your breathe
You are so warm, time made me forget.

You are holding my face, looking at me in the eye
I can’t move my legs, I feel some butterflies.

Wait. Stop. I must talk to you.
You broke my heart in thousand pieces or two.

I could be nice and let you explain,
But, do you know what? Get out of my face.

You came back, I can’t believe.
Could you please shut the door when you leave?

2 comentários:

  1. Já escrevi uma coisa em inglês também. Nunca publiquei.

    Bom ter você de volta por aqui.

  2. Filha, a lingua nao e problema. Texto bom em ambas. Experiencias diferentes tambem em ambas, ne?
    te amo


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